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    DNA for Post Auction Analysis


    Scout's Dynamic Negotiation Analysis (DNA) module opens up a path into deeper, multi-faceted negotiations between Sourcing Teams and Supplier Engagement. After Sourcing Teams run Auction Events, DNA can be used to quickly analyze a comparison of Auction Bids, as well as in-depth savings calculations around the best possible business outcomes within your supply base.

    In this article, we will cover:

    • How to Access DNA for Post Auction Analysis
    • Benefits and Capabilities
    • How to Access Side-by-Side Comparison for Auction Lots

    How to Access DNA for Post Auction Analysis

    In order to access DNA for post Auction analysis, the Auction Event first needs to be over. The next step would be to click into the Auction Event:


    Next, click on the "Analyze All Bids" button:


    The "Analyze All Bids" button populates the DNA page for your Auction. From here, you can analyze the Auction in its entirety as well as the separate Auction Lots:


    Please note: DNA for Auctions is available for Scout users that are utilizing our New Auction Builder (that allows Auction Lots). It is also important to note that DNA will only be available for new Events.

    Benefits and Capabilities

    DNA for Auctions will allow for quicker analysis because of the available features. This includes best of best scenarios, outliers, and feedback ranges. Users are able to add reference data to calculate net savings and aggregate the net savings across all lots in the Auction.

    Helpful Tips:

    • Reference data added to the summary data sheet does not propagate to the analysis for each lot.
    • Scenario net savings will be duplicated if the user updates baseline information and scenario at the Summary Worksheet as well as Auction Lot Worksheet
    • Only the first and last version of the Supplier’s Bids are captured by DNA.
    • If the user includes a Starting Price, the Starting Price is the “first” Bid version.

    How to Access Side-by-Side Comparison for Auction Lots

    In order to access the old Side-by-Side bid comparison, scroll to the bottom of the Auction Lot page and click on the "Analyze Lot" button as shown below:


    The benefit of using the old side-by-side comparison is that you can view historical Bid data for the Auction Event (instead of first and last Bid only):



    You are now ready to leverage your DNA for post Auction analysis knowledge. You can utilize DNA to run a more sophisticated analysis of your Auction Lots! Happy Scouting! 

    For more information on DNA, please view the DNA Section in our Knowledge Base.

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