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    Forms to Supplier Profile Mapping

    Responses from Supplier Forms are often critical pieces of information your company would like to report on and record. Previously, Scout customers had to manually transpose the Form responses to fields in the Supplier Directory in order to refer to the data at a later point in time. The new functionality of mapping Supplier Form responses to a Supplier’s Profile helps keep all key information on your Suppliers in one record in your Suppliers Directory!  

    Benefits of Mapping Forms to Supplier Profile 

    There are many reasons why mapping Form responses to a Supplier Profile will provide value to your company and workflows. Here are some reasons to use this new feature, if you are leveraging Scout’s Supplier Forms:


    • When onboarding your Suppliers, mapping forms to a Supplier’s Profile will reduce the amount of work to set up/onboard your Suppliers in Scout. 


    • The data mapped from forms to a Suppliers’ profiles will maintain the integrity of the information transposed from Forms. This eliminates any human error that would happen with manual data entry. 


    • Using forms mapping to Supplier profiles, is an easy one time setup that Company Admins will can configure from Settings. Once it is set up for your Company, updates to Supplier Profiles of the form responses are automatically updated and mapped once the form has been finalized/reviewed.


    How to Set up forms to Supplier profile mapping

    Once a Form has been created and the questions you would like to map have been identified, you can begin.

    In this example, questions 1.1, 1.2.1, and 1.3.1 are questions within a supplier Form that have been identified as questions we would like to map to the Supplier's Profile. 



    Now the Company Admin can begin mapping.

    1. A Company Admin will need to head into Settings


    2. Once in Settings, locate and click into the Supplier Profile from the left directory.  Scroll down to the Supplier Profile Custom Fields section.



    Add questions (1.1, 1.2.1, and 1.3.1) from the form as Custom Fields in the Supplier Profile. The Custom Field names do not need to match the question titles, but the answer options must be equivalent. 



    3. Next, scroll down to Supplier Profile Mapping section. Within Supplier Profile Mapping first select the field you wish to map your Form response to. The field will be the name you have given this field in the Custom Field section.

    For example, we made "Supplier Diversity" the custom field name for question 1.1. 

    4. After selecting the Supplier Profile Field, you will then select the Form question you wish to pull your Suppliers responses from. You can scroll through the drop down or begin typing to search for the question. Also, notice questions are grouped by Form Name. 

    Lastly, you’ll click the green “Add Mapped Field” button. Repeat this process for any additional questions you'd like mapped.



    You have successfully mapped form questions to custom fields created in the Supplier Profile. Congrats!

    5. To double check mapping is on, make sure the active section is blue in the Supplier Profile Mapping Section.


    Also, the MAP icon will appear in the Supplier Profile Custom Fields section.



    Lastly, Navigate to the Supplier Directory and click into any Supplier's Profile. You can locate and identify a mapped field within the Supplier Profile by the MAP icon next to the Supplier Profile Fields.


    Working with Mapped Supplier Profile Fields 

    Once you have mapped a form question response to a Supplier Profile field, this will pull and update the Supplier Profile for all forms run after the mapping is set. The mapping will not pull in historical form data from forms run before the mapping is set. 

    Please note: Mapped fields are locked on edit and must be populated by the form; responses can not be overwritten. Company Admins can disable the mapping and then fields become editable in Supplier Profiles.

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