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    Supplier Side Scorecard in Performance Reviews

    As a part of Performance Reviews, Scout gives Sourcing Teams the option to include a scorecard in the Supplier Survey.

    This allows Suppliers to self-assess and provides an easy way for Suppliers and Stakeholders to assess the relationship. Furthermore, the Sourcing Team have the option to include the Supplier's self-assessment scores in a side-by-side comparison with stakeholders scores.

    In this article we will cover: 

      • How Sourcing Managers can include a Scorecard in a Supplier Survey.
      • The Supplier's view of the scorecard in the Supplier Survey. 
      • How Sourcing Managers can compare scores in a side-by-side comparison.

    How Sourcing Managers can include a Scorecard in a Supplier Survey

    First, create a new project with the Project Type: Performance Review (PERF) and update the Title.



    Then in the Suppliers section, add the Supplier(s) you would like to review. Click "Open Supplier Directory", select the Supplier and clicking "Add to Project".

    Similarly, in the Stakeholders section, add the Stakeholder(s) you would like to review the Supplier.



    Next, add a Performance Review by clicking "New". Select the Review from the side bar, and click "Add".



    In the Supplier Survey, Sourcing Managers can include a questionnaire as well as a Scorecard.

    Click "Add Scorecard" to allow the Supplier(s) to do a self assessment as part of the review.


    Now, the Scorecard has been added to the Supplier's review. Scroll down to add a Supplier Response Deadline and click "Publish Survey to Supplier".


    Lastly, click into the Scorecard section, add Stakeholders (if you haven't already) and scroll down the Publish Your Review section. Enter a due date and click "Publish Review to Stakeholders".

    *Note: The Scorecard must be published to be visible from the Supplier's side.



    The Supplier's view of the Supplier Survey

    What will the Supplier(s) see? In the Supplier Survey, the Supplier will have a questionnaire and a scorecard.

    Suppliers can click the questionnaire title or the "Edit" button to open the questionnaire. To open the scorecard, the Supplier should click the "Edit" button.



    In the scorecard, the Supplier will score themselves and has the option of submitting the review from within the scorecard page.


    The Supplier also has the option to "Submit Scorecard" and "Submit Performance Review" from the survey page. 

    *Note: The Supplier must click both "Submit Scorecard" and "Submit Performance Review" to submit both. Just clicking "Submit Performance Review" will not submit the scorecard.



    How to compare scores in a side-by-side comparison.

    Once the Stakeholders and Supplier have completed their scorecards, the Sourcing Manager can compare responses in a side-by-side view by clicking "Compare Stakeholder Reviews" on the Results tab.


    The Supplier's self assessment scores will appear on the right side of the Scorecard Comparison page.


    For a deeper dive into responses, the Sourcing Team can click into a specific question to see Stakeholder responses and the Supplier's (Mariah's Geek Squad) self assessment score along side each other. 

    *Note: The Supplier's scorecard score is not added into the total score (81.3%) the Supplier receives. 


    Performance Review Scorecards are an efficient way for Suppliers and Stakeholders to assess their professional relationship!

    For more information in Performance Review click here.



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