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    Global Notifications Panel

    When using Scout, you might often receive several notifications a day regarding important Projects or Events you are a part of. With our Global Notifications Panel, you will be notified immediately on your homepage of any notifications you may receive that require your attention. This allows you to stay on Scout and still receive important updates about what needs your attention, without having to navigate back to your email to stay up-to-date.

    Where Can I Find This Panel?

    This panel can be found at the top of almost any page in Scout. The button for it will look like this:


    Any notification you receive is displayed as a "card" within the Notifications Panel, meant to alert you of an action that needs to be taken within Scout. The cards contain information for context, as well as links that help you navigate to the appropriate page in Scout.

    What Information is Shown in the Global Notifications Panel?

    There are a number of different notification types supported by the Global Notifications Panel; some are informational and others are potentially tasks. The list of Notification Types are as follows:

    • Team Chats/Event Chats
      • In Projects or Contracts, Teams are able to communicate in a chat window as well as directly mention a specific user. Users on the Stakeholders List will receive a notification in their panel for both Team Chats and Event Chats.
        • Contract Chats and Project Chats distinguished in the chat type.
        • Direct Mentions (or @mentions) are separated from standard chat notifications.
    • Contract Approval state changes
      • Approval Requests
      • Approval Rejections
      • Contract Approved

    How to Respond to Notifications in the Panel

    When clicking the "Bell" icon to access the Notifications Panel, a number of features are available to help you manage your notifications:

    • Dismiss: You are able to dismiss individual notifications by hovering over the notification card and clicking the X.
    • Read/Unread: New notifications are considered unread. This state is indicated by the shade of the notification card. To mark something as read, you will need to click on the card or click on the "Mark All as Read" button, shown in the top of the panel.
    • New Notifications: While the notifications panel is closed, new notifications are loaded automatically. Members of the Sourcing Team will see a red counter that indicates the number of new notifications that may need their attention. If the panel is open, they will be prompted to load new notifications when they occur.
    • Load Previous: The number of notifications displayed at a time is limited. Once the number of notifications goes over that limit, the older cards are hidden. However, you are still able to view them when you click on the “Load Previous” button at the bottom of the panel.

    Conclusion and Final Notes

    As with many of Scout's features, this feature will need to be turned on in your Company's account should you want to utilize it.

    Please note that there is no way to undo the act of dismissing a notification. 

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