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    How to complete a Form in Workday Strategic Sourcing (Scout)

    Congratulations! You have been selected to complete a Form in Workday Strategic Sourcing! This article will walk you through the steps on how to complete a FORM in the platform. We will cover the following how-to topics:

    • View the Form
    • Communicate with the Buyer
    • Invite Team Members
    • Fulfill the Requirements
    • Revise Submission



    View the Form

    If you have an existing Scout account, you can view the Form by logging into Scout at go.scoutrfp.com. Then, on your homepage, click on the title of Form.


    If this is your first time using Scout, click the “Sign Up and View this Form” button in the email invitation.


    You will be redirected to the registration page. Complete all required fields to register. Then click “Next”.


    Before you can log into Scout, check your email for a confirmation email. Click the “Finalize Your Account” button in the email.


    Once the button is clicked, the Form should automatically load. If for some reason the Form does not automatically load, you can log in at go.scoutrfp.com and click on the title of the Form.



    Communicate with Buyer

    You may have questions about the Form. You can contact the Sourcing Team via the Message Center or by emailing the Primary Contact directly. The Primary Contact’s email is linked to their name at the top of the Form.


    If you have questions for Support, open the Support drop-down at the top of the page and click “Contact Support”.




    Invite Team Members

    You may want to invite your colleague to the Form. You can do so in the “Invite Team Member” section by entering their name, email, and clicking “Add”. This action will send an email invitation to your colleague so they can access the Form.


    Note- Please be aware invitations cannot be forward.




    Fulfill the Requirements

    To complete the Form, click into the sections of the Form in the “Fill out Your Form” area.


    Notice that any question with an asterisk is required. You will need to complete all required questions before submitting your response.


    Note- If this is a Form that is being re-run, then you will see your previous responses to the questions. In this case, you can just update any question answers that need updating.


    Additionally, if you’d rather work in Excel to complete the Form, you can down the Form in the “Take Your Form Offline” section. For more information on the “Take Your Form Offline” section click here.


    When you’ve finished completing the Form and are ready to submit your response. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page here:



    The status of the Form will update on your homepage here.




    Revise Submission

    If you need to make a revision, you have the option to revise your Form response up until the Form Deadline.


    Use the “Revise Form” button to put the Form back into edit mode.


    When you’re finished making changes, remember to click the “Resubmit Form” button to send your updated response to the Sourcing Team.


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