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    Completing a Supplier Onboarding Form

    With the new functionality to Supplier Forms, the Standard Onboarding Form allows Sourcing Teams to gather critical business and banking information and route for optional approval to ensure quick and accurate setup of their suppliers.

    This article will walkthrough steps suppliers should take when invited to complete the standard onboarding form on the Strategic Sourcing platform.

    Step 1 - Signing Up / Register Account

    Open your invitation email


    The Strategic Sourcing Platform can be accessed by invitation only. Keep an eye out for an email invitation from a member of the sourcing team.

    Didn’t receive the email?

    If you don’t receive your invitation email, check your spam folder! We also recommend asking your IT team to whitelist the following domain: amazonses.com.

    If you are still having issues accessing or logging in, please reach our Support at scoutsupport@workday.com 


    Step 2 - Accessing the Form

    To access the Onboarding Form further, please click the “Manage” button located towards the right of the page (see below).


    Clicking the “Manage” button will lead you to the next page where you will be able to enter and make edits to your form response.

    Step 3 - Making Edits & Message Center

    To allow you to enter your company’s details and response on this page, you will need to click the “Edit” button. 


    If needing to reach to Sourcing Team, suppliers can access the “Message Center” to raise any questions or needing clarification on the Onboarding Form.

    Step 4 - Finalizing Form & Granting Access

    When your company completes all of the required fields on the Onboarding Form and is ready to submit, we will then instruct you to click the “Finalize” button.


    After you had finalized your Onboarding Form response, the last step to allow the Sourcing Team to view your response and details will require you to click the “Grant Access” button.


    Step 5 - Retracting/Revising Form Responses

    If deciding to make additional edits to your submitted Onboarding Form responses, you will click the “Retract” button to bring your form from the submitted/finalized state.



    Once final edits are made, please be sure to Finalize and Grant Access on the Onboarding Form to share your revised form Responses back to the Sourcing Team (Refer to Step 4 & 5)


    If needing additional support on how to complete the Form, please click the “Contact Support” button located at the top of the platform to reach our Support team.







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